UV Proof Jars:Cannabis Jars in Bulk For Dispensaries

Short Description:

The new marijuana jars are safe with child resistant lids,

Matte black to protect your marijuana from UV.

Weight 120g
Cap Color Matte Black
Product Dimensions 2.44″ x 3.22″
Size 4 oz
Capacity 4.5 Grams
Style Glass Jar with Cap
Usage Flower Packaging, Concentrate Packaging
Color Black
Material Glass
Child Resistant CR Lids

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4oz Mattle Black Glass Jar with CR Lid for Cannabis Flower-Made Packaging


  • -The perfect addition for any consumer's stash, they're smell proof, airtight containers that last. Reusable, versatile, and extremely convenient, they're an item you don't want to miss out on having in stock in your dispensary or smoke shop.


  • -These lids come in black, a solid glass that's durable, reliable, and sturdy. A 4 oz container, can hold a sufficient amount of product, whether it's flower, edibles, concentrate,or something else entirely.



cannabis jar
Packing Quantity Carton Size Sample
Carton 120units 20×16×12 in Provide free
cannabis jar




I.S Machine
8S Machine



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