Menbank has a very professional process from inquiry to shipping in which we make sure to prompt the development of glass products.

Our experts in every function in Menbank. Every division is specifically set and you're carefully invited to each process, from Operations, Finance, Procurement, Sales, Strategy, IT, Marketing and HR – are ready to help you, which were established by Menbank to also provide quality and service feedback.

Research & Development

We have an effective process for prompting the development of glass products. At the same time, our R&D department will research and provide workable strategies and suggestions according to global trend to our clients.

R&D division aims to take in producing and design ideas from clients, by working as one team with clients, of who design could be fully articulated and fulfilled. As your support, we are allowed to enhance our skills and become more and more effective and professional in this field.

Bottle design and craft design

In Menbank, we have complete bottle production lines, printing facility, skill labour, design team that provide you reasonable lead time and quality product. 

Our factory offers variety of moulders that cover from food, drinks & beverage, and up to comestics bottle product which will fulfill your inventory need, quality standard and safety requirement.

Bottle Manufacturing

We have different manufacturing facility to produce different styles glass bottle, like pressing machine, blow machine and 8S machine, top-of-the-line machinery managed by highly-skilled technicians enable us to provide you top quality glass bottles with wholesale price.

Before inspection,they are usually treated with a cold end  surface coating ,the temperature of glass containers is reduced to about 100°C.Otherswise, the glass would easily scrach.

Quality Inspection

After leaving the cold treating end of the Annealing Lehr,in order to ensure product quality.We use Led beam techonogy(Led inspection),Camara inspection machine,and comprehensive inspection machine to detect faults which are not seen through the naked eye.These include, but are not limited to: sealing surface inspection, dimensional analysis, wall thickness inspection, damage detection,side  base scanning and wall scanning.Any bottles doesn’t meet standard ,then will be automatically rejected ,these rejected bottles will remelted as raw material  to reuse.Automatic inspection will ensure our customers stable quality.

Customsized shape/logo

Label content and graphics are the most intuitive part of the product design, tell us your idea, we will make it true.

We can provide customized color shape logo service to make your glass packaging unique-particular.

How to custom glass bottle shape/emboss logo.

Customized design is the best way to distinguish your brand. Exclusive design makes your brand stand out among the infinite number of other products on the shelf. With a custom bottle, many characteristics of your brand can be conveyed at just one short glance: elegance, luxury, exclusivity, complexity, tradition and quality.

Accessories for Each Bottle and Jar

Menbank cooperates with senior factories to supply LIDS of different materials: plastic,  aluminum, stainless steel, bamboo etc. Cutomized service for lid is also available.

In addition we support making new mold for lid. We offer design service and professional experience to bring solusions to all packaging industries and markets. If you require special advice for your order, please contact our team​ for detailed information.

Warehousing and Logistics

Menbank has a warehouses located in Xuzhou,with more than 1000m³. It allows us to stock over 500+ pallets items, while reserving plenty of space for customers.

1.Stable delivery time

Due to changeable international and the busy production line, large inventory greatly reduces the risk of delivery delays.

2. Safty Stock

The warehouse is equipped with first-class surveillance equipment and inspectors - all this ensures your products are safe.


Large warehouse reduces your storage space and budget to develop more business.

Shipping Service We Provide

Menbank works with a lot of shipping companies to provide sea transportation, rail transportation and international express services, like TNT, FedEx and UPS, etc.  We will choose the most suitable and favorable way of transportation according to the quantity of your order to ensure that the goods arrive at the destination in time and safely.

Shipping Acronyms:

EXW - Ex Works. This is the cost at the vendor door. No shipping of any kind is included in the price.

FOB - Free On Board cost. This is the cost of the product on a vessel at the FOB location. It means that freight from the vendor to the vendor's port including all export duties and clearance fees have been paid.

CIF - Cost with Insurance and Freight. This is the cost of the product shipped to the CIF port (nearest to the customer) but does not include import duty, customs clearance fees, or domestic shipping to the final location.

DDU - Delivery, Duties Unpaid. This the cost including door to door shipping, but not including import duties or customs clearance fees.

DDP - Delivery, Duties Paid. This the cost of the product door to door including everything.

After-Sales Service

Menbank provide 24/7/365 service throughout the entire lifespan of your product. If you have any questions during the process of order, please feel free to contact us! Our team includes experienced designers who are pleased to provide any additional packaging suggestions for any specific events.

Is there breakage during shipment?

Given the inherently fragile nature of glass, there will almost certainly be breakage during transit, but it is usually minimal (losses of less than 1%).

No worries, we always prepare extra bottles to replace broken ones. Or tell us how many bottles broken and take a picture to us, we will send you more in next order!