Why our 200 ml flask bottle is better than others?

Why our 200 ml flask bottle is better than others?

In these period,the 200ml flask bottle is very hot for beverage,expecially for cold brew coffe and juice.now our factory is in busy to producing the 200ml flask bottle.many customer may confused:they are so many companys do this product,why your company’s product is better than others? Today i will show you the difference

  1. The mould of the flask bottle

All our flask bottle from the original is different with others,the mould we use is the best one,the customer may ask:good mould why will influce the bottle? Good mould,the surface will more flast,during producing,will reduce the internal injury of the bottle,this type ,the glass jar will looks much nice than normals

  1. The material of the glass jar

Good glass material will also influnce the quality of the glass jar,some factory use bad material,this will surelly influnce the qualtiy of the glass jar,our produce glass jar all use the best material,can pass the Fda test

  1. the strict select of the glass jar

During the producing,the worker will seclect all the bad ,which is not meet the standard,this is the most important type,we are very strick for the glass during produce.we total will have 3 times inspection:first ,the worker will choose the bad one out,second the inspection department will check one by one,third the QA will also spot check

After we have so many process to make sure our qualtiy,that is why our 200ml flask bottle is so hot for our customer.if you are in needed,can also contact with us, will surely provide you the best




Post time: Dec-19-2020