What Mason Jars are Worth Money


The first Mason jar was made by John L. in 1858. The original purpose of the jar was to prolong the life of food. To keep these preserved food for a long time, just as the home made salted vegetable and braised pork, some airtight containers are required. Thus, Mason jar was invented.

Because of its fresh appearance, rich size and strong plasticity, Mason Jar has been developed many new usage. It can be used to pickle vegetables, make coffee, carry salads to work, make unique layered brownies, or even be made into light bulbs, vases, potted plants, bathroom storage kits.

Now let’s see how to use Mason jars with our unique ideas.

Bathroom storage kit.


Is it slap-up with such a bathroom care and storage kit at home? If possible, this kit also will fetch a good price in supermarket. The most amazing is that you could do it by yourself at home. Let’s see below:

Prepare a mason jar, the canning lid, a band and some metal strips. Using a can opener, cut off the middle of the iron cap at the edge. Placing the metal strips in gridding and welding the metal mesh together with the lid rest ring. Assembling the mason jar, metal mesh and bang together, the toothbrush jar, the cotton swab storage jar and the florets are well done! If the metal strips are not easy to rust, a grip made from tapes is also a good choice.2


What about do you think of below hand lotion dispenser?




It’s so high beauty-valued!!! Now I will introduce you how to made it.

In earlier times we need to drill a hole in the jar metal lid with an electric portable drill. But now, we have the special lid with a suitable hole for the lotion pump.



his: 5  Its very easy.


According to their own hobby, you can paint different colors on the glass bottle body, with different furniture, making your life become super texture!





Dust-proof storage jar

If you find it difficult to make a blank hole in the storage container above, you can try to make this simple storage container with special trinkets.



Just sticking your favorite trinkets with glue, preferably hot glue, to the jar top, a nice and lovely special storage container is perfect for small things that need to be kept dry and clean.



What do you think of mason jar? They are not just to storage food containers now. It could also to storage coin, boba cup and so on. Let’s introduce in next issue. See you!


Post time: Dec-12-2020