MBK Packaging 500ml Round Airtight Glass Clip Jar

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  • Item No.: MBK  YJ500
  • Specification: 500 ml
  • Materials:Glass
  • Color : clear,others
  • Product Dimensions: 10.6*9.8cm
  • Packaging : 24 pieces/carton

  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity:
  • Height:
  • Diameter:
  • Weight:
  • Surface Treatment:
  • Certificate: FDA
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    MBK Packaging 500ml Round Airtight Glass Food Storage Jar


    • GLASS STORAGE JAR: The storage glass jars have a specially designed clamp top lid which includes a rubber gasket to ensure a leak proof and airtight seal .
    • HEALTH and DURABILITY: Glass is a healthier choice over plastic storage. glass does not discolor, retain smells, or leach chemicals into food.These storage jars are made from the highest quality of thick, BPA-free glass providing superior resistance to breakage.
    • UNIQUE STYLE: The jar has a stylish design that is for every home and business. Use the container to serve coffee, tea, cocktails or create art, place fairy lights in it and turn it into a light fixture, or store and showcase any ingredient for a unique decoration.
    • NEW PACKAGING:Cover the bottle completely with the pearl cotton. Protect the bottles in good condition.


    glass storage jar

    Versatile & Multipurpose

    glass storage jar

    Dry Food

    Fully airtight jars extend the best before date of food, reducing wastagePerfect for storing rice, sugar, flour, herbs, spices, biscuits, pasta, tea, coffee and more.


    glass storage jar jams

    Wet Food

    Easily cleanable & hermetically closed jars make sure that they create a mess free experience thanks to our silicone seal that helps to preserve the flavour of your favourite jams, butters, cheeses & other soft foods.


    glass storage jar

    With Chalkboard Labels

    Chalkboard labels for writing with chalk. Smart clear design for viewing contents and an attached lid.

    Clip Storage Glass Jar
    Item No. YJ500 YJ750 YJ1000 YJ1500 YJ2000 YJ3000
    Volume/ ml 500 750 1000 1500 2000 3000
    Diameter/ mm 106 103 105 111 122 143
    Height/ mm 98 136 164 214 248 258
    Weight/ g 502.1 635.9 643 872.2 1020 1220

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