70mm Regular mouth Mason Jar Split Lid

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Item No.: 701414

Material: Tin plate

Size: 70mm

Colour: Silver, different color could customed.

Feature: These Band and Ring Mason Jar lids are perfect for all you canning and sorage needs.

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70mm Regular mouth Mason Jar Bands


    • SUPER VALUE MASON CANNING JAR LIDS - We manually selected this 100-piece value package for you, which is enough to meet your daily life and replacement. You can share it with your family or friends.Regular mouth Lid is 7cm/2.75in, compatible with most ordinary regular mouth mason jars.
    • FOOD GRADE METAL LIDS - Our canning jar lids are constructed from premium tinplate with BPA Free silicone seals.It ensures durability and reliability, is not easy to rust, can withstand high and low temperatures, and can be used in refrigerators, microwaves and dishwashers. For your health and better storage of food, the lid is for single use only.
    • STRONG SEALING PERFORMANCE - Our canning jar lids contain silicone ring makes the mason canning jar lids have good sealing performance, air tight and leak free, airtight effect ensures. No need to worry about leakage that may contaminate the kitchen or other places after sealing materials.
    • ENJOY THE FUN OF DIY - We provide you with a DIY area on the lid. You can write down the sealing date or time, and regularly share the fresh delicacy with family or friends. You can also record the type of each jar for quick identification and sorting. You can even boldly release your creativity and make these lids into unique home decorations or Christmas handicraft gifts for friends.
band and ring mason jar lid
mason jar lid
mason lid
Item No. 701407 861707 701424 701406 701418 WL7825
Diameter/ mm 73 90 73 73 73 78
Weight/ g 14 15 14 14 14 25
Item No. 861708 861707 707618 707519 707320 707401
Diameter/ mm 90 90 76 75 73 74
Weight/ g 15 15 18 19 20 14
Item No. 707310 701427 701427-1 861710 701403 701414
Diameter/ mm 73 73 73 90 73 73
Weight/ g 10 14 14 15 41 13

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