8OZ Square Glass Mason Jar for Coffee with Wooden Lid

Short Description:

Item No.:MS250

Capacity: 8OZ

Material: Glass

Colour: Clear

Feature: BPA Free 100% Food Grade Glass And Dishwasher Safe, Used For Baby Food, Spices, Jelly, Jam , Honey And More.

  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity:
  • Height:
  • Diameter:
  • Weight:
  • Surface Treatment:
  • Certificate: FDA
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    Glass Mason Jar 250ml
    8OZ 250ml Glass Mason Jar

    Mason Jar is a very popular container, jelly, bbq sauces, pickled vegetables, baby food, Candle, honey, jam, etc. And has the standard size Mason Jar opening. These jars can be used in hot fill (with the standard plastisol or two pieces lid) or water bath canning with HI- Heat or two pieces canning lid.


    1. Regular and Wide Mouth

    2. Square, Round, Crystal Shape

    3. Flint Soda-Lime Glass

    4. Widely usage with different closure

    5. Italian Mason Jar, Ball Mason Jar could be offered

    6. 70 and 86 plastic lid, stainless steel lid, shaker lid, metal lid




    Item No. MS250 MS450 MK480 MK960
    Volume/ ml 250 450 480 960
    Diameter/ mm 79 76 81 92
    Height/ mm 82.5 123 129 175
    Weight/ g 203 305 250 430

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